80s Fashion Pictures of famous celebrities

We adore eighties fashion so much because it is based on the notion that “OTT” never existed. It was the time when “power-dressing” really got its start, when you had to walk instead of take a cab because of your enormous hair, and when showing up to your workout class with a thong on the outside of your pants was anticipated. A wonderful moment to be alive.

It was also one of those exceptional decades where anything went in terms of fashion, be it glam-rock, athleisure, punk, or new romanticism all at once. Disregard the current trend of minimalism and the pervasive “quiet luxury”… “More is more” is the motto of our era!

Are you prepared to be *really* inspired? View the looks that epitomized the 1980s as you scroll down, featuring stars like Madonna, Pat Cleveland, Cindy Crawford, and supermodels, as well as memorable on-screen scenes from Top Gun, Footloose, and The Heathers. How many of them still feel so pertinent today may surprise you. Will we become fixated on the 1980s fashion era next? Time will tell.

List of top 80s fashion pictures of famous celebrities

The 80s fashion era was the most iconic including amazing designs and perfections. Let’s have a look at the pictures of the famous celebrities flaunting the 80s fashion: 

1) Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker

Indeed, SJP! Countless trends are being followed by this 80s style icon, who has gained approval from Cosmopolitan. Big, scrunched hair, a hair scarf knotted, an oversized jacket, traditional blue trousers, slouchy socks that resemble ankle warmers, plimsolls, fancy AF sunglasses, and a carefree stance. utter perfection.

2) Michelle Pfeiffer in ‘Scarface’

 Michelle Pfeiffer in 'Scarface'

Would Michelle Pfeiffer please put an end to our embarrassing mismatched pajamas? She has impeccable grooming in Scarface, from her neatly manicured claw-like nails to her freshly blow-dried hair. Let’s also not forget that her complete nightgown is expertly color coordinated to complement her boudoir. Honestly, I don’t think she could get any cooler.

3) Christy Turlington

Christy Turlington

Hello P.O.W.E.R. D.R.E.S.S.I.N.G. and hello, Christy Turlington. Is it possible to attend a job interview in this situation and not be hired? Yes, that is the reason it wouldn’t occur. While you’re at it, you should definitely ask for a personal chef, chauffeur, and corner office. There is literally no age to this appearance.

4) Grace Jones

Grace Jones

When discussing 80s fashion, Grace Jones—the undisputed QUEEN of extreme and individual expression—must be brought up. One of our favourite leaks is this one because it demonstrates that the adage “take one thing off before you leave the house” was unheard of in the past. Eighties style icons, if anything, claimed the complete opposite. A huge hat, eye-catching earrings, gloves, bare cage dress, bare legs, and a bright red lip? How dare I not?

5) Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields exudes an entire Eighties vibe with her BIG HAIR DON’T CARE. Throughout the 1980s, it was common to see people dressed in pure white to counterbalance the vibrant colours that were flooding everyone else’s closets (scroll down to see what we mean). Even for those without boats, this navy sweater vest offers a touch of nautical design, which is another popular look of the decade.

6) Cher


Cher is still the finest at what she accomplished, in our opinion, even if she did it before it was even *called* nude dressing. The singer wore a famous outfit to the Met Gala, embodying the maximalist style of the time: a see-through bodysuit encrusted in crystals and beads, teamed with a low-cut black maxi-skirt, some pretty big ear cuffs, and a signature purple eyeshadow look from the 1980s.

7) Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda

It’s the exercise that shaped a decade (and beyond) and the notion of what constitutes appropriate gym attire for a whole generation. The guidelines? The more skintight the leotard, the higher the leg cut; always make sure your sweatband and legwarmers match; and just because, add a belt to the top.

8) Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford

How to recreate the Cindy Crawford look with a throwback vibe. Back then, wearing a cropped biker jacket with stretch mini or high-waisted jeans was a huge trend. The combination of black and red in general as well as Cindy’s dishevelled blowout and crimson lip are iconic 80s beauty trends.

9) Joan Jett

Joan Jett

Joan Jett, the lead singer of The Runaways, is demonstrating *exactly* how individuals in the 1980s didn’t hesitate to wear several trends at once. Excessive hairstyle, glam makeup, clashing designs, and accessorizing till she was left with nothing on… It’s quite extravagant. To finish it all off, the metallic belt is the perfect finishing touch. Enormous.

10) Demi Moore

Demi Moore

Hi there, Demi? Is that you? Honestly, it seems like someone used an ’80s Instagram filter on our favorite Charlie’s Angel. As this picture demonstrates, crimping a fringe gives off a “glamorous but windswept” (and perhaps insane) vibe, making it a daring choice. Demi looks incredibly gorgeous with her little makeup, embellished with glitter beads, a sequin blazer, and bow earrings.

11) Elle Macpherson

Elle ‘The Body’ Macpherson wore three major 80s trends: sheer black tights, a miniskirt with a harlequin design, and a velvet jacket with enormous shoulder pads. Think about the ladies from the 1980s who had to always be aware of their leg hair situation. Regretfully, 50 denier tights had not yet established themselves as a wardrobe mainstay amongst busy women worldwide.

12) Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry is teaching us all a master class in cosmetics from the pre-1990s by matching a vibrant, smokey eye with an intense blush. This takes contouring to a whole new level. Due to Jane Fonda’s and aerobics’ widespread appeal, leisure wear from brands like Pineapple became quite fashionable, and Debbie’s velour tracksuits—which are also incredibly cozy—were seen everywhere. Join us!

13) ‘The Breakfast Club’

All of the iconic archetypes from teen films are present in The Breakfast Club, including the jock, popular princess, awkward goth, nerd, and rule-breaker. They all had lust-worthy clothes in this cult movie. Throwback grunge, double denim, parkas, varsity jackets, classic sweats, and everything black… *Adds right away to watch list*

14) Princess Diana

One of our all-time favorite fashion icons, Princess Di, lived and breathed the 1980s. We accept that this paintbrush-print puff sleeve blouse has a slight 101 Dalmatians vibe to it.

Remember, they all had tiny waists from all the Jane Fonda exercises! A waist belt was a quintessential 80s item that made everything fit perfectly. See her huge, vintage-style sunglasses as well. So stylish.

15) ‘Heathers’

The 1988 movie Heathers tells the story of the cruelest high school clique ever (did you know that it served as an inspiration for Mean Girls?) and is filled with hilarious sequences featuring adolescent power dressing.

This picture shows that their preference was for double-breasted jackets. They also consistently had the appearance of having just finished doing makeup and hair. This is the glitziest high school ever.

16) Sarah Jessica Parker

We would too be wearing our bras out if we had abs as strong as SJP’s. Anything beaded simply screams 1980s; these items are sometimes extremely hefty and can be found everywhere at vintage or charity stores. This particular type of jacket, known as a bolero, was taken from Spanish dancers and matadors. SJP’s bull is barely in the frame (just kidding).

17) Madonna

How many bracelets is too many, is the question. “You can never have too many bracelets,” is Madonna’s response. However, this is not an ensemble you would want to wear to the airport. Imagine how long it would take at the metal detector! Throughout this decade, Madge’s hair scarf has been a popular accessory. Ideal for hair that has just finished a workout or when you are too lazy to wash it.

18) ‘Working Girl’

In the film Working Girl, Melanie Griffith plays a diligent secretary who is taken advantage of by her employer, only for her to turn into a ferocious vengeful woman. And there are some incredibly retro lewks woven into the grand narrative. Taller shoulder pads than the Empire State Building, tighter-fitting trench coats than a Kardashian waist trainer, and enormous hair that would physically make it impossible to wear a hat are all commonplace.

19) man

Denim twice? Ah. Triple denim ruled the 1980s fashion scene. Well, why do things in halves, after all? Supermodel and David Bowie’s wife Iman demonstrates how to accessorise this denim trio by removing her collar to reveal her massive hoops, big men’s bracelet, and belt. And to finish it off? a set of spectacles with tint.

20) Joan Collins

Although Joan Collins has always been a legend, we’re willing to argue that her heyday may have been in the 1980s. Here, she argues in favor of wearing leather and lace with what appears to be a rather problematic Native American-inspired jacket, along with a dramatic red lip, a huge bouffant hairstyle, and an abundance of jewelry.

Summing it up:

Are you ready for inspiration to *really* strike? Scroll down to see the outfits that embodied the 1980s, including iconic on-screen moments from Top Gun, Footloose, and The Heathers, as well as celebrities like Madonna, Pat Cleveland, Cindy Crawford, and supermodels. You might be surprised at how many of them still seem so relevant today. When will we next get obsessed with 1980s fashion? We’ll find out in time.