Degustación Privada DE Whisky DE 3 Horas EN Idstein Highlands vs Islands Degustación Privada DE Whisky DE 3 Horas EN Idstein Highlands vs Islands 

Summary of the Privada de Whisky Tasting  

Enjoy the Scottish pure malt whiskies for a few hours at this special tasting while enjoying the drinks, which is located outside of Frankfurt. Know the history of the drinks and the differences in flavor between whisky from the Highlands and the islands. These are the different experiences of the two locations, the highlands and the islands. Before or after the tasting, take advantage of a complimentary sample, bottled water, snacks, and a delicious dinner from Gasth of Ziegelhütte. These are the wonderful histories of drinks and delicious whiskies. 

The Important Things About Degustación Privada DE Whisky DE 3 Horas EN Idstein Highlands vs Islands

  • Enjoying the single malt whisky with an expert in private sampling of Scottish.
  • With the help of a guide, strike out the difference between whisky from islands and highlands. 
  • Savor a meal, water, snacks, and a tasting at Gasth of Ziegelhütte. 
  • Sample whiskies such as Highland Park 12, Longrow Peated, and Bowmore Small Batch.

Wonderful Meeting and Collecting the Memories

 The kick off  time of the location 

 Details of the pickup Name of Location: Idstein, near Frankfurt Location Address: Please go by train approx. thirty minutes from Frankfurt Central Station to Gasthof zur Ziegelhütte in Idstein. Location of Return: Idstein

What to Expect from the Flavor of Whisky in the Highlands and Islands?

Experience the peak of whiskey flavor throughout your tasting. Taste delicious, a single-malt whisky from Scotland. Learn interesting information about this drink and follow the guidance of a professional in spirits through the evening. The experience of the whiskey flavor is very delicious, and bread and water are available to balance the taste of the dishes in between. 

At Gasthof Ziegelhütte, where the tasting will take place, those who would like to eat before or after the tasting may do so (at their own expense). Different interesting pieces of knowledge can be accessed with a drink.

A Wonderful Tour in Highland Town 

Take a three-day trip to Pitlochry, a Highland town, for a taste of whisky. Go Highlands Tours is an organized company leading this private tour. We can plan a trip to visit the whiskey distilleries of your choosing based on your preferences. The plan of action is flexible based on availability. We make an effort to offer more tasting options than just the typical whiskey tour. 

The following whiskeys are included in the tasting menu and are subject to change. 

  • Islay’s Bowmore Small Batch and Campbeltown’s Longrow Peated 
  • Speyside’s Ardmore Traditional Cask
  •  The Northern Highlands and Coastal Highlands of Clynelish 14
  • Te Bheag nan Eilean Blended Scotch 
  • Highland Park 12, Highlands (Orkney)

What’s Included: 

  • Whiskey Tasting
  • Bottled Water
  • Beverages
  • Snacks
  • Professional Guide

The Wonderful Journey Through Delicious Whiskey

We love telling stories, and are delighted to share our enthusiasm for Highland whiskey with you. Join one of our tours to learn more, experience new flavors, and make sober memories with whisky. A brand-new tour experience has just been presented!

 Degustación Privada DE Whisky DE 3 Horas EN Idstein Highlands vs Islands at Late-Night Parties

 By reducing the key items for your function,. We are the perfect location for business snacks, conferences, meetings, business enjoyable, and private drinks with colleagues because of our excellent location near Frankfurt Central Station.

“I simply wish to express that we had an awesome time at the night celebration during our whiskey adventure in the Highlands.” The whiskey and snacks were delicious, and the service was truly outstanding. Each reaction was quite positive. Thinking about how we completed this before the night celebration really started, I want to sincerely thank you and the entire staff for offering an excellent private event!